i’ve never had more respect and lvoe for Glenn than in this moment right here. not to metion he totally saved my girl Tara.

I was half ready for Rick to actually say this.

The Cookie Cup


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The Last Billboard

A 36-foot-long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every month, a different individual is invited to take over the billboard to broadcast personalized messages, which are spelt out using wooden letters that are changed by hand. 

i’m gonna cry

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So you telling me that the U.S has completely cured the American doctor with Ebola in 26 days and he’s being released today. While Africa has been dealing with it since the 70’s and they are still looking for a cure?


Because it wouldn’t be ‘profitable’ to help Africans right? Even though the US has been stealing from the continent for centuries??